RDH and RDA license renewal year

August 31.2023 is the year-end for licensure renewal for dental hygienists and dental assistants. Don’t wait until the last month scrambling for continuing education. I am available for in-office or “live” webinars that do not cut into the 12 self-study credits allowed. All licensure renewals classes are available and have been approved by the IDB.Continue reading “RDH and RDA license renewal year”

Why Dating Your Pouches/Wrapped is Important

On my previous article, I discussed how to seal pouches correctly, but did you know you must date them as well? When I mention this during my infection control classes, I get a quizzical look and “why”? We are going to use them again either right away because we have a limited number of instruments,Continue reading “Why Dating Your Pouches/Wrapped is Important”

Online Dental Marketing: Staying HIPAA Compliant in 2023

Online dental marketing: StayingHIPAA compliant in 2023Adrian LeflerOctober 17, 2022Staying HIPAA compliant requires knowledge of HIPAAregulations and changes or updates to the Privacy Rule. AdrianLefler of My Social Practice shares some of the common digitalmarketing strategies for dental practices and how they should beevaluated for HIPAA compliance.SHARERead Time:6 Minute, 6 SecondMost dental practices are activelyContinue reading “Online Dental Marketing: Staying HIPAA Compliant in 2023”

Naloxone availability for offices

October 4, 2022FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE               HHS Launches Naloxone Program for Iowa Organizations, Businesses and Schools(DES MOINES, Iowa) – To help address the issue of opioid misuse, the Iowa Department of Health of Human Services (HHS) is expanding their initiative to provide naloxone (the opioid overdose reversal medication) to Iowa organizations,Continue reading “Naloxone availability for offices”

September is Infection Control Month

Peel pouches are commonly used for autoclaving single instruments or instruments per procedure within one pouch. A misconception is that the pouches can be sealed shut any old way as long as it appears sealed or that they can be folded to fit the instrument. Other times a pouch will be used that is notContinue reading “September is Infection Control Month”

Certification in Dental Infection Prevention and Control

I am honored to be part of the first certification holders from OSAP and the Dale Foundation in Dental Prevention and Control. This two year process was a three step process that included attending the OSAP Boot Camp for three days, multiple learning modules and rigorous testing. The distinction is the first in the nationContinue reading “Certification in Dental Infection Prevention and Control”