Comprehensive Education for Dental Professionals

Annette Hayes M. ED, BAS, RDH CDA, CDIPC

As President and founder of CuspEd, LLC, Annette Hayes, M.Ed., BAS, RDH, CDA, CDIPC brings her unique credentials, expertise, and forty years of dental experience to the dental team. She has functioned in private practice in all capacities, as a hygienist, front desk/scheduling coordinator, chairside and lab dental assistant. Recently she was awarded the distinction of being one of 200 Oral Health Professionals in the nation to earn the Certification of Dental Infection Prevention and Control by OSAP and the American Dental Assistants Association. CuspEd, LLC, is a PACE/AGD National Approved Continuing Education Provider.

CuspEd is a continuing education resource focused on in-office learning for dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants. Using the team meeting concept, it is an efficient and effective methodology to provide a unified learning experience tailored to each unique office’s environment and issues. This cohesive and personalized approach can’t be matched in a mass education environment

Just count the ways this model provides multiple, priceless benefits for your office:

  • Reduces extensive lost production
  • Eliminates unnecessary travel and lodging expenses
  • Reduces lost personal and family time
  • Allows personalized interaction between presenter and team members
  • Approaches issues specific to your office in a unified approach
  • Promotes team-oriented brainstorming and problem-solving
  • Provides cohesive, team-determined solutions, ready for immediate office implementation
  • Promotes a consistent, hassle-free renewal pattern for the entire team, avoiding last-minute renewal issues.

These are the educational/instructional design advantages for your team:

  • Curriculum design incorporates state-of-the-art learning strategies
  • The latest published information is constantly reviewed and evaluated for practical application
  • The most recently recommended professional parameters are emphasized
  • Decades of practical experience and tips are featured to enhance technical performance
  • Reliably effective learner-review methods are incorporated into the design
  • Self-confidence for each team member during the execution of new material in a clinical setting is stressed
  • Content has been reviewed and approved by the Iowa Dental Board
  • PACE/AGD National Approval for Continuing Education

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